Transmission & Clutch Replacement

Transmission & Clutch Replacement

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Although manual transmission vehicles are not as common as they used to be in the past, they are still around in new and certified pre-owned vehicles. Manual transmission vehicles have clutches that engage and disengage power transmission from a driving shaft to a driven shaft. These mechanical devices separate engines from the cars' transmission systems, allowing you to change gears. These vehicles also have manual transmissions. Our Lansing dealership specializes in new GM vehicles, and we offer transmission and clutch services.

Clutch Replacement

Many vehicles use clutches, and many other devices with two or more rotating shafts also operate with clutches. A clutch assembly usually includes a friction disc and a pressure plate. The friction disc presses against your vehicle engine's flywheel while the pressure plate disengages and engages the friction disc. This plate is usually acted upon by a throw-out bearing.

When you depress your vehicle's clutch pedal, the vehicle's pressure plate will get forced against the throw-out bearing. The friction disc will disengage from the vehicle's flywheel because of this action. Your car's engine will then get disconnected from the vehicle's transmission. Crippen Buick GMC performs clutch repairs for drivers in the Mason, MI region.

Transmission Repairs

The transmission usually manipulates a car's engine output to ensure that you have access to adequate power when driving around Charlotte, MI. The transmission also routes the power produced by the engine to a car's drive wheels. The transmission makes gear ratios using different gears.

Your vehicle's transmission or clutch might wear out after some time, especially if you frequently stop and start your car. Towing heavy loads and keeping your foot on the clutch when decelerating your vehicle may also make your vehicle's clutch and transmission wear out. Since a worn-out clutch can prevent a vehicle from going into gear, you will need to come to our service center and replace your vehicle's clutch or transmission once you notice that either wear out.

Discover Transmission and Clutch Replacement Services at Crippen Buick GMC

At Crippen Buick GMC, we offer transmission repair and clutch replacement services. Therefore, you should contact us when you need any of these services. You may need these services if:

  • Your vehicle's clutch pedal pulsates
  • Your vehicle's clutch pedal often remains stuck on your vehicle's floor after pressing it
  • You always have a hard time when engaging your clutch pedal
  • Your vehicle's clutch pedal produces an unusual sound when disengaging and engaging it
  • Your vehicle's clutch pedal feels spongy
  • You cannot easily get the transmission into gear

All these signs indicate that your car has a transmission problem or its clutch needs replacement. When you come to us, we will check and rebuild transmissions. We will also replace your vehicle's clutch plate. When replacing this plate, we will check your vehicle's hydraulic system. We will also check the vehicle's clutch pedal to ensure that it is in good condition. Remember, a good clutch pedal should offer a free play distance of about an inch or two.

Why Choose Us for Your Automotive Services?

We offer reliable clutch replacement services in Lansing. Whether you own a car, an SUV, or a truck, we will fix your vehicle's clutch problems. Our professionals are quite experienced and skilled, and we have all the right parts for your vehicle. Our team will pinpoint why your vehicle's clutch or transmission is not working how it is supposed to and fix the identified problem. Our prices are also affordable. When in need of our services, contact us or visit our service center.